Callisto House Leadership Development program

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The process of developing a new evolution of leaders, capable of operating their own Callisto Houses, needs to strengthen those areas needed at the heart of accepting responsibility for operating a Callisto House. These areas include the Initiation Development program: consisting of education of the principles of Housing First, Harm Reduction and Non-Violence. As well the Harm Principle will be proselytized to provide a foundation of behavior, never interfere unless harm is being done to others. The beginning of spiritual practices will also be shared, including basic yoga philosophy and practice, including

  • vows of good Conduct & behavior (Yama, Niyama),
  • physical posture (Hatha),
  • beginning breathing techniques (Pranayama):
  1. nostril breathing,
  2. yogic breath (belly breathing),
  3. fire breath,
  4. alternating nostril breathing
  5. and box breathing (Kumbhaka Pranayama).
  • The living space will be cleaned every day, by everyone.

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