Chinese Government providing space within which Hong Hong would decide their own destiny. That is brilliant!

The Chinese Authorities are making such statements:

Li Keqiang, China's second highest-ranking leader, told reporters on Friday: "The Chinese government unswervingly safeguards 'one country, two systems' and 'Hong Kong people govern Hong Kong people'."

He said China backed Hong Kong "to end the violence and chaos in accordance with the law, to return to order, which is to safeguard Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability".

He said the world "needs to believe that the Chinese people have the ability and wisdom to handle their own matters well".

How’s ’bout dem apples?

In any regard, the clashes within Hong Kong are entirely staged, as the police also believe with the people. What do you call such a strategy regarding effortless maneuvers to protect and defend, as opposing sides coordinate mock combat. Is it a False Flag operation? Craft-work.

Instead, protests continued on Friday evening, when clashes erupted between police and the demonstrators outside a subway station on the Kowloon peninsula.

Riot police fired both tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters before clearing the nearby streets as the crowd of protesters was forced to retreat.

You seeing what I am seeing?

The Republic of China.

The Republic of China.

The Republic of China.

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