The Alliance Party

Ahh, The Alliance Party[1], the Modern Whigs[2] joined with they. Too bad the tea party didn’t swing to us. Instead all tests show that we sick, we got the Trump.

I was a member and state chair some years ago. Pushing for transformation. It is bigger than change. The future looks like secure, funded, local safety nets to reduce abortion, i.e. socialism in the small. The Bible mainly talks about the interdependence of cities, the core political entity. Mohammad (PBUH) created and improved a city-state, Medina. He was never involved in any idea of a caliphate: that was Abu Bakr and Uthman ibn Affan’s doing at the meeting they took over of all the Sahabah after Mohammad died. City-States with City-State Rights should be imp-lemented to maximize Liberty!

Socialism in the small can manage local economies, A meta-Labor Union. Yet retain the innovation which capital markets are known to bring, by defining a new exchange market: The Charlotte Exchange, start in the south, predicting and funding the little tiny socialisms going on in each community, urban or rural.

Socialists in the Small: Catalonia Trade Unions take control [3].

[Trade union control also spread to small businesses of the middle class handicraft men and tradesmen. In Barcelona, the CNT collectivized the sale of fish and eggs, slaughterhouses, milk processing and the fruit and vegetable markets, suppressing all dealers and sellers that were not part of the collective. Many retailers joined the collectives but others refused, wanting higher wages than the workers.[12] Throughout the region, the CNT committees replaced the middle class distributors and traders in many businesses including retailers and wholesalers, hotel, café, and bar owners, opticians and doctors, barbers and bakers.[12] Though the CNT tried to persuade the members of the middle class and small bourgeoisie to join the revolution, they were generally unwelcoming to the revolutionary changes wanting more than just expropriation of their businesses under force or threat of force and a worker’s wage.]

It was initially very difficult to take over operations.

[After the first few days of euphoria, the workers returned to work and found themselves without responsible management. This resulted in the creation of workers’ committees in factories, workshops and warehouses, which tried to resume production with all the problems that a transformation of this kind entailed. Owing to inadequate training and the sabotage of some of the technicians who remained many others had fled with the owners the workers’ committees and other bodies that were improvised had to rely on the guidance of the unions…. Lacking training in economic matters, the union leaders, with more good will than success, began to issue directives that spread confusion in the factory committees and enormous chaos in production. This was aggravated by the fact that each union… gave different and often contradictory instruction.]

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