Why is there a citizens right to full security through encryption?

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For our safety and security. The opportunity for misuse is not limited, at all. Please watch the movie “Enemy of the State” to learn about what’s possible, as a training operation.

For example, I had a fake court date inserted into the docket, and at the time I was in the VA mental health facility, involuntarily. When I got out a kind Durham sheriff came by and arrested me explaining there was a warrant out for failure to appear. After 4 days in Durham jail, I was transferred to Hillsborough jail for 2 more days, then I went in front of the Judge through video. He had no record of my having missed a court appearance and the warrant got tossed out and I was able to catch the bus home. Nobody apologized. So this shit happens, folks!

This is why the government cannot restrict the people from using any encryption they damn well please. Thank you very much.

UPDATE on ParrotTalk. Fits and starts, folks. I got side-tracked into implementing Reed-Solomon FEC in Squeak, partway there. I need to implement generating polynomials for the parity computation. Then I will interleave 4 RS(15,9) such that 12 contiguous 4-bit symbols canwithstand corruption. All protocol headers in ParrotTalk v4.0 must fit within 18 bytes, the rest in payload, 4 way interleaved RS(256, 223) or similar.

Future ParrorTalk Plans include per connection settings, specifying thunks in the thunk stack, some transient, some optional, for

  1. services ( Network Control )
  2. distributed object-capabilities ( RemotePromises )
  3. encoding ( ASN.1 )
  4. compression ( ZIP )
  5. authentication ( MAC-SHA256 )
  6. encryption ( 256-bit AEScbc )
  7. authorization ( MAC-SHA256 )
  8. login (20+ digit passphrase)
  9. session operations ( ParrotTalk v4.0 )
  10. forward error correction ( ReedSolomon: error correction (t/2 symbols)
    4*RS(15,9) <18 bytes header>
    + 4 n*RS(256,223) <892 bytes per payload segment> )
  11. addressing ( IP | Freq+ )
  12. connection/transmission ( Socket | TTY )

I passed my Technicians Ham Radio exam Saturday (YAY!) and I have a new call sign: KO4PYS. Then I try for first contact. I need to learn how to transmit/receive digital data with my packets.

Encryption is banned in Amateur Radio…thusly optional…